Binding & Laminating

Wire Binding

With many different types of binding machines to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. FD Solutions can supply your business with a range of different models, ranging from those that are suitable for moderate or occasional users through to those needing to produce high levels of printed matter daily. More about wire binding.

Coil Binding

The final appearance of your documents matters a great deal – regardless of whether they’re to be circulated internally or seen by new or existing customers. Coil binding machines work on both a manual or automatic basis, meaning your business is bound to find a suitable coil binding machine when browsing our website. More about coil binding.

Comb Binding

Whilst often considered conventional within the industry, comb binding machines are often the preferred choice for a range of different types of businesses. This is partly because they’re extremely affordable to run, but also because they help preserve your finished work too, meaning you can take pride in your end product. More about comb binding.

Print Finishing

Buying the right binding machine is the first challenge your business needs to overcome. Once it has purchased the right equipment, it’ll also need to look at how to present the printed matter it creates. This will mean finding the best (and most affordable) consumables to ‘dress’ the end-product in a manner designed to get the best result. More about print finishing.

Laminating Machines

There are two main types of laminating machine available through our website – Pouch and Roll. Both have their distinct advantages. The former is extremely user friendly, whilst the latter is known to be able to handle high volumes of work continuously. More about laminating machines.

GBC Laminators

Our GBC laminators are all backed up by comprehensive warranties and we offer full training on these products when your business buys one of our products. We offer post-purchase support too – and can supply all the consumables needed for your GBC laminating machine. More about GBC laminators.

Binding Machines

If you don’t know to use a binding machine we can show you how – regardless of whether it’s a thermal, coil, comb or wire version. We are also able to supply these products at a price cheaper than anywhere you’ve already looked on the net. More about binding machines.

Binding Covers

Collating your presentations and other vital company documentation is necessary; but it doesn’t help you to sell your products or services – whereas a well chosen cover will serve to enhance a sense of corporate identity, whilst at the same time protecting your work too. More about binding covers.

Binding Supplies

The biggest purchase you’ll make will be your binding machine. You’ll then need to start thinking about the other ongoing costs involved in keeping your machine running. Covers, binding equipment and pouches are just some of the products you’ll need – all of which we can supply your business with at an affordable cost. More about binding supplies.