Coil Binders

Why Should Your Business Choose Coil Binding?

Presentation Is Everything

Whilst any form of binding will serve a practical purpose and still present your product well, a coil binding machine should be your preferred choice if you want your brochures – and other company documents – to retain their original shape. The coil system ensures that the spine reverts to its original shape if disturbed – meaning you won’t need to worry about your materials looking unprofessional when presenting them at internal meetings or to clients at a sales pitch. The type of coil binding machine your company chooses will depend on a range of factors such as intended output, the number of people who’ll need to use the machine, budget and the amount of space available to physically house the equipment.

Manual Vs Electric Coil Binding

A machine that isn’t operated electronically may best serve your purpose. In the first place, because it costs less to make, it’ll also be cheaper to buy. Although it will be more labour intensive to use, it may suit a business that binds its documents on demand, rather than on a continual basis throughout the day. Our Renz SPB 360 model is a coil binding punch machine that would suit a business fitting this description – although we offer other models that perform this task just as well. If the coil binding punch feature isn’t quite what you’re looking for, then an electronic model might be more suitable. Without talking to you over the phone we can’t make a tailored recommendation; but our GBC MPC2500 iX is extremely popular with printing companies – mainly because it doesn’t require the use of levers and can produce 16,000 sheets in an hour.

You Will Also Need to Consider Coil Binding Supplies

It’s all too easy to concentrate on the purchase of the actual binding machine. This is understandable, as you’ll probably be investing a considerable amount of money in to the purchase. But it’s equally as important to think about the coil binding supplies you’ll need to buy to keep your machine operational. If you are buying a machine from us, then the easiest part of the buying process will be selecting the right measurement of coil (our sizes range from 6-33mm) and an appropriate colour that’ll work in tandem with your corporate image (we can help you choose from 180 colours). Cost won’t be an issue, as we’ll provide your business with strongly incentivised discount packages when you choose us as your preferred coil binding services supplier.

Speaking Of Which…

Your machine will need to be maintained to ensure it pays back the money you invested in it. That’s why it’s a good idea to discuss what coil binding services your supplier can help you with after you’d made the initial purchase.

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