Comb Binders

What Is A Comb Binding Machine?

A Simple But Affordable Way To Bind Your Important Documents

Whilst the need of every business is different, each must promote its products or services – whilst, of course, communicating in more general terms with its customers so they’re kept up to date with changes. Brochures, Manuals, Product Specification Guides need to be professionally printed and collated before being seen by their intended recipient.

A comb binding machine is an inexpensive way for a business to produce vital documentation at a price that isn’t prohibitive. One of the advantages of this type of device is that it allows pages to lie flat. The finished document can also be edited at the end of the process too if a CombBind® system is being used (which means you won’t have to re-start the process if you put the pages in the wrong order).

Profile Of The Renz Combi S

The GBC comb binding products we supply will naturally vary in terms of individual function, dimensions and price. The Renz Combi S is proving to be particularly popular at the moment though – because you actually assemble your book whilst it’s being punched. If your business needs to produce high volumes of documentation on a daily basis, you’ll also find the output capacity of this model extremely appealing (it can comfortably bind 300 books and punch up to 20,000 pages every hour).

Consumables Are Important Too

Once you’ve chosen a GBC comb binding machine that’s fit for purpose, you’ll need to decide what type of element you want to use. The comb binding supplies we can provide you with are available in either a round or oval format and come in a range of colours. You’ll need to give some thought as to the number of pages you’d like to include and select a comb binding element that will accommodate the size of your final document. Some of our customers prefer to purchase a complete comb binding kit that includes everything they need (this can sometimes work out a little bit cheaper so why not ask us about this when you call)?

GBC Comb Binding Has Everything You Need

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to support the growing needs of your business, we’ll be able to provide the equipment and supplies it needs to succeed – on time and at a price that won’t make you think twice. Whether you’re interested in our comb binding service, buying some comb binding covers, or to discuss other possible options, our expert and friendly team will be here to guide you.

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