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GBC Laminating Machines Are Exactly What Your Business Is Looking For

A Wide Range Of Choices To Suit Your Needs

A laminated document doesn’t just help make your company documentation look professional – it protects work from damage and the chosen colour scheme can underline a sense of corporate identity. Of course you’ll need to give careful consideration to other factors too, such as the type of laminating machine you’re likely to need, and whether your device needs to have a Pouch or Roll feature built in.

Why Choose Laminating Pouches?

There are two main types of device that we sell: pouch and laminate. The former of these works on a heat-sealing basis that adheres to the product with the help of rollers that apply extreme pressure to ensure the process is completed successfully.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a laminating machine, you’ll be able to choose from a range of models – the most proficient of which is the GBC QuickStart H320. Suitable for most types of business, it’s currently the fastest pouch laminating machine on the market.

Other types of pouch laminators are available through our online store too. If you aren’t planning on being that prolific with your in house production – or need the product for personal use – our GBC Heatseal H65 might be the better choice for you.

Should I Consider Roll Laminators Too?

Roll laminators are just as effective as their pouch-based counterparts. They are also remarkably productive and can help your business to visibly increase the amount of work it can laminate in a single day.

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