Wire Binders

What Sort Of Wire Binding Machines Does Your Business Need?

Prioritise Your Requirements

There are different types of wire binding machines – with the size, purpose and cost of each model varying quite dramatically. Some of our models, like the FDS PB34, are ideally suited for multiple users that may need to work at their desk rather than at a designated binding station. Lightweight (and therefore conveniently mobile) it can bind up to 120 pages for A5 and A4 documents. Whilst the FDS PB34 requires manual operation, others in our range work electronically, which can reduce error rates and improve productivity. It’s for this reason that our GBC Magnapunch 2.0 is proving to be a very popular choice with our customers at the moment.

Very broadly, when considering a purchase, you’ll need to think about:
1. The size of binding machine you need (as mentioned earlier, does it need to be portable or in a fixed position?)
2. The amount of documentation it’ll be expected to bind (if your intended volume is high then a machine with manual operation might not be suitable)
3. The price you are willing to spend (taking in to account the amount of time it’ll save you, which will represent a saving in itself).

Other Considerations

Apart from mobility and mode of operation, you need to think about the cost of buying wire binding supplies. That’s why, before purchasing a machine, you should ask yourself what it’ll cost to run on a yearly basis. Wire binding combs are products you’ll need to be purchase on a regular basis for example, so make sure you can buy these essential items online at a price that falls within your budget.

Our wire binding combs are available in a range of sizes that can accommodate anything from 20 through to 250 sheets. They are also available in a range of colours too – which means you’re bound to find one to suit your corporate style.

Professional, Impartial Advice

GBC Wire Binding can help your business choose the right wire binding products at prices it can afford. We also give ongoing support to our customers – so they can buy from us safe in the knowledge we’ll also cater for their wire binding service requirements. After all, it’s not just about finding the cheapest online quote. It’s about protecting that investment by ensuring your binding machines are properly maintained and in full working order.

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