What are the different types available?

Wire, comb coil velobind, surebind and glue binding.

Can I take pages out and re bind?

Yes, on most.

What is the Maximum number of pages you can bind?

Using 80 gsm paper Comb 500, coil 460, wire 250 velo/surebind 750.

Does the document lay flat?

Only using wire, comb, coil.

Can I bind A5 and A4?


What colours are available?

Most colours.

Do you offer service agreements?

Yes we do

Can you offer training and installation?

Yes we do on most machines.

Do you dispose of old equipment?

Yes we can.

I need the document to be very secure , what would you recommend?

Velobind , surebind or glue.

What covers do you offer?

A4, A5, and any size you require, pvc, card, poly-prop.

Colours available?

All colours.


What is the difference between encapsulating and laminating?

Encapsulating is to seal a document within the laminate. Lamination is used to protect the printed service and is trimmed to size.

Do I need a machine to laminate?

Yes it would be a single sided laminator.

Can I laminate Photos?

Yes you can.

What is the maximum size sheet to go through a Pouch Laminator?


What thickness pouches are available?

75mic, 100mic, 125mic, and 250mic.

Do they need carriers?

Some machines do.

How easy is it to change the rolls?

Very easy.

What are the different Microns available?

42, 75, 125, 250.

What happens if I get a wrap around on the rollers?

You call us as this is a job for an engineer as if you were to cut the roller it can be very expensive to replace.

How long do I need before the machine gets to the correct temperature before I can put something though?

All machines are different but generally 5 to 10 min.

Do you supply Matt and Gloss?

Yes and soft touch and ultra-mat.

Can I mount on boards?

Yes only on some roll fed encapsulators.