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New Thermal Binding Machines

Manufactured by Swedish firm Bindomatic, the Accel Ultra processes documents faster than previous generations of binders.  This binding machine was designed for the high end user as it boasts double the loading capacity of other models, which cuts down the processing time greatly.  The Accel Ultra is by far more advanced and more efficient than traditional punch and bind tape methods. The Ultra utilizes Bindomatic’s Drop and Go technology, which gives its efficiency and it also sets it apart from other versions in the market.

Why should you buy it?

Bindomatic is a Swedish owned corporation and is a technology leading manufacturer of high-end document binding solutions. Bindomatic has been conducting business for more than 40 years through a vast network across the globe. The Accel Ultra has proven its unmatched quality owing to its revolutionary off line high performance.  Some of the benefits and vital features of the Accel Ultra include:

  1. It has a high processing speed that can handle up to 50 documents at a go. The Ultra binds one document every second, which is exceptional speed for a machine of its size.
  2. The Ultra is jogging from the sides and from the upper top area all through the machine. This ensures that the paper is knocked into the glue strip, which delivers a strong bond that is second to none.
  3. The Ultra’s A4 portrait orientation has the capacity to handle one to 360 sheets of 80gsm paper. It can also bind documents that have a spine widths spanning from 1.5mm to 36mm, which is very versatile.
  4. This high capacity thermal binder practically operates itself; it delivers print shop quality finishing that allows you to concentrate on other vital components of your business.
  5. The innovative technology used in the AccelUltra achieves quality seams and uniform adhesions that delivers the results that you expect.
  6. TheAccel Ultra is one of the most efficient thermal binders out there as it delivers results in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it is convenient and easy to operate.

How does Drop and Go work?

The Ultra batch feed can accommodate up to 50 unbound documents and covers. The Ultra automatically moves the necessary documents to the thermal binding belt. All you have to do is:

  • Place a set of papers in the automatic cover size selector. The convenient display guides you on the right cover spine width to utilize.
  • Align the pages in a Bindomatic Cover.
  • Drop the ready to bind and correctlyaligned documents.
  • Finally, Go, and the machine will do the rest for you. The Accel Ultra automatically signals when the thermal binding is complete.