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The CreaseStream Miniseries

If your business produces small to moderate volumes of short run digital printing, the CreaseStream miniseries was designed to provide businesses like yours an uncomplicated, patented, and affordable system to get rid of fiber cracking. CreaseStream utilizes a ground breaking approach to handle all creasing and perforating needs. The CreaseStream miniseries is made up of three variations mainly the CreaseStream Standard, CreaseStream Quick-Feed, and the CreaseStream Auto-Feed.

The Standard- this version replaces traditional knife creasers with a faster and more consistent rotary creasing mechanism. This version is hand operated and produces three to four more sheets each hour, which is more efficient than older versions of the machine.

The Quick Feed- this version has a feeder that boosts output. You have to turn the handle to operate this version.

The Auto Feed- has a constant speed motor that ensures continued feed operation of up to 4000 sheets per hour.

Why do you need a creasing machine?

Creasing machines are important tools that are used for creating projections and depressions or creases on the surface of sheet stock.  Most creasing machines out there in the market are operated by hand or are automatic. In this case, the CreaseStream miniseries consists of machines that are both operated by a mechanical drive and by hand.

Creasing machines such as the ones from CreaseStream have become increasingly important as digital printing continues to grow. Ask any print manufacturer and they will tell you that cracking along the fold is a source of many headaches; there is nothing worse than developing a beautifully printed piece only to have the final finish affected by unattractive cracking.   High-quality machines such as the CreaseStream Miniseries eradicate cracking to protect the final effect.

The technology used in CreaseStream Miniseries machines

All the three machines in the series are fitted with the world’s first and only rotary creasing technology, which was created for printers. The machines use a soft creasing rib that softly stretches the material in use to create deep and defined creases without impacting the integrity of the fibers in the stock.  CreaseStream machines are also embedded with innovative feeding technology that maintains fast production, regardless of the number of creases required.

Why you should rely on CreaseStream mini series

  1. All the three machines included in the series are simple to use, are fast and extremely versatile.
  2. You can begin using the machine as soon as configuration occurs. All the machines come with an instant play video card that takes you through the setup process from unpacking to configuring it for the first project.
  3. The simple installation process means that you can start attaining multiple creases and additional perforations in one pass.
  4. The machines work for digital stocks as well as on different plastic materials.