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The Magnapunch Pro

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magnapunch pro from gbc

The MagnapunchPro

Here are some of its features:

  • It has an incredible punching cycle of one second which means it can punch over 49,000 sheets in a period of one hour. Consequently, In case you are running a printing business then this machine will ensure there is a smooth flow in work delivery.
  • It has a redesigned new metallic cover with an open view to allow die setting of the ruler
  • Just like the other Magnapuch models, it incorporates flywheel technology which is not common to other punching machines.
  • Compared to the previous models, it has an improved edge guide with an adjustable sliding knob/screw system making it efficient.
  • Has a large chip tray which collects chips from other 40,000 sheets, hence relieving the user of the burden of constant emptying the machine.

Die set punch

It has 14 available die set punch patterns, which includes a 3:1 Calendar die with thumb cut. These are unique features you will rarely find in any other type of punching machine. Additionally, the dies are:

  • Backward compatible with those of Magnapuch 2.0.
  • The easy die set changes with the locking system that holds the die in its place.
  • The punching pins are easily accessible and can be interchanged to accommodate all paper sizes.
  • The dies consist of pin location and ruler decal and they are viewable during setup and operation.


It’s set to be released with the Item Number: 3300730 and is operated using the foot pedal or a trigger switch. It accommodates papers with a size of up to356mm; however, the open throat machine can accommodate larger size when arranged in a two step process. It weighs 50.3kg and measure 45cm by 27cmby 51cm, weight*height*length respectively. Lastly, its CE, GS approved and its power requirement is 220-240V AND 50/60 Hz.

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Item Number: 3300730
Method of Operation: Foot pedal or trigger switch
Sheet Sizes: upto 356mm for most die patterns; Open throat accommodates larger sizes in two step process
Productivity: Up to 49 sheets at a time or up to 49,000 sheets / hour
Machine Weight: 50.3kg
Machine Dimensions (W x H x D): 45cm x 27cm x 51cm
Power Requirements: 220V-240V, 50/60 Hz
Safety: CE, GS approved