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The New CreaseStream Auto-Feed

The CreaseStream Auto-Feed is a beast and the best of all the machines included in the CreaseStream Miniseries.

Unlike the other two, the Auto Feed works exactly as the name suggests- it is automated, which means that the handle has been replaced with an automated motor, which makes it possible for businesses to handle output speeds of up to whopping 4,000 sheets every hour. If your business produces longer print runs than most, this is definitely the machine for you.

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How does it work?

The Auto Feed is just about the simplest machine to use. To get started using it, all you have to do is set your tools correctly and press the button and the Auto Feed will do the rest for you. The Auto Feed can deliver approximately 4,000 perfectly creased stocks in an hour.

The benefits of the Auto Feed

• The machine is perfect for photo book creasing
• It is perfect for a business that deals with both small and medium digital productions
• It is extremely accurate, reliable, and is fully automated.
• It offers you value for the money owing to the unparalleled turnaround time for large and medium sized operations.
• It can handle about 52 cm sheets in width and includes the Tech-ni-Fold technology.
• The Auto Feed is ideal for creasing greeting cards, leaflets, menus and many other digital offsets.
• The Auto Feed does not use a vacuum pump, which means that produces very little noise when used.
• It is the easiest creaser to set up and operate. It uses a single phase electrical plug in system.
• It comes with an optional micro perforation tool that allows you to perforate and crease at the same time if you need to.
• The intentional low tech design is also low cost enabling businesses to compete with more expensive machines in the market without compromising the quality or the integrity of the crease.
• Versatile and capable of dealing with various production volumes.

The CreaseStream has consolidated its reputation as a provider of reliable and high-quality affordable creasing solutions. The Auto Feed is unique in that it has unmatched accuracy and precision that produces a minimum of 2 crease impressions simultaneously. This capability ensures that productivity is continuous as multiple crease impressions can be applied at the same time. Despite its output capacity, the Auto Feed has a compact design that makes it easy to store or transport if need be.