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The New CreaseStream Mini Standard

The CreaseStream Mini series offers individuals a quick, seamless and inexpensive way to attain the perfect crease.  The CreaseStream mini range is accessible in three variations namely,the Mini Standard, Mini Auto and Mini Quickfeed, all of which are created with the same platform. Each offers a quick and immediate solution that has been packaged neatly; however, the CreaseStream Mini Standard is specifically designed for micro perforating and low capacity short run creasing. The Mini Standard is ideal for individuals that regularly engage in digital printing as well as copy shops, offset printers, photobook producers and book finishers and binders.

The Mini Standard was created to help printers handle two huge challenges, namely slow production and cracking. The Mini Standard eliminates fiber cracking and unlike other similar products in the market, the MiniStandard eliminates cracking regardless of the direction of the grain, which delivers a flawless and accurate crease each time. Like the other two models in the CreaseStream miniseries, the Mini Standard is also embedded with the patented Tri-Creaser® and Technifold Micro Perforator, which gives the machine its impressive functionality.

How to use it

The Mini Standard uses a low tech design, which means that it can be operated and used by anyone, even those without technical expertise. The low tech design also means that the machine is cost effective because it is not fitted with any complicated software, electronics or motors. To start using the Mini Standard, all you need to get started is a sample of your paper stock.

The papercaliper does all the work for you, ensuring that the right pressure has been set and that the machine maintains 100% accuracy throughout.  Once you set the paper guides, you can then proceed to hand feed or input without any complications. If you need to advance sheets, turn the rotary handle via the tooling shaft for the perfect crease or perforation; without any cracking whatsoever.

Benefits of CreaseStream Mini Standard

  • Can process approximately 1000 sheets per hour
  • Has a rotary handle that is simple to use
  • Cost effective because no input is required
  • It is three times faster than most other low-end handle or pedal creasers available in the market, which ensures efficiency.
  • It is extremely easy to set up and even easier to operate
  • It is eco-friendly as it has low environmental impact.
  • The machine comes packaged with 2 tools which enable you to conduct multiple creases. Additionally, you can also crease and perforate simultaneously.