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The New CreaseStream Quick-Feed

The CreaseStream Quick-Feed is one of the variants included in the CreaseStreamMini Series alongside the Mini Auto feed and the Mini Standard versions.

This particular version was designed for businesses that do not have as much production to handle but have tight timescales.

The Quick Feed was largely inspired by the Mini Standard, however, unlike its predecessor; the Quick Feed is embedded with a one of a kind feeder system, which gives it the power to process sheets up to three times faster.

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Like the other two machines, the Quick Feed also utilizes the company’s patented Tech-ni-Fold rotary creasing device known as the Tri-Creaser to get rid of any fiber cracking on all types of digital and offset stocks, despite the grain direction. Not only does the Quick Feed deliver the desired effects, it does so in record time, which is invaluable for a business that experiences tight timescales.  The Quick Feed is ideal for creating menus, flyers, perforated tickets, leaflets, greeting cards and any other digital media.

How does it work?

The mini Quick Feed used a feeder system that enables businesses to process sheets at an alarming speed. The Quick Feed has an easy loading top and a sheet separator that allows you to continue feeding sheets quickly. The Quick Feed also has a unique flow feeder instead of the traditional vacuum pump that handles the sheets gently, ensuring that there is only minimal contact between the feeder and the sheets. This capability ensures that your digital stocks are not prone to scuffing. Since the fibers on the sheets are never exposed to damage, you get flawless results with each use.

The Quick Feed is hand cracked, just like the Mini Standard, which means that it also does not require any electrical input.  Thanks to the sheet separator in its mechanism, the machine does not need any electricity as it can handle continuous feeding during the hand winding process.

Benefits of the Quick Feed

  • It eradicates fiber cracking on all mediums even digital sticks.
  • It is excellent for small and medium digital production businesses.
  • There are optional micro perforating tools available for purchase if more efficiency is required.
  • It has the capacity to process close t 3,000 sheets every hour.
  • The machine is very easy to set up and operate. It is also easy to switch from one stock weight to another.
  • The machine accepts an average stack of sheets.
  • Since there is no electrical input necessary, the Quick Feed has no negative effects on the environment.