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The NEW GBC Catena 35 Laminator

GBC Introduces better print finishing solutions with the Catena 35 laminator

GBC has continued to improve the quality of lamination and make the whole process much easier. Catena 35 laminators are made to handle some of the most demanding activities with much ease. Moreover, it combines efficiency and versatility.

new gc catena 35 laminatorOne of the areas that usually cause problems during the process of lamination is the mounting of the foam core as the size of the mounting top is equal to the size of the foam. With the new Catena 35 laminator, there is a quarter an inch allowance for ease in mounting. The laminator also has easy to use features such as the pivoting table, open design, programmable presets, and Auto speed. People working on bulk lamination tasks will find the laminator easy to operate and manipulate settings as desired.

The new Catena 35 model laminates and mounts documents and graphics of up to 12 inches wide. Its compact body takes little office space in the office, school or the print business. It is a cost-effective solution for print businesses as well as an institution with moderate to heavy printing tasks such as universities, print shops, and other agencies.

Catena 35 runs both the PSA film and thermal roll film. There is also an optional rewind kit installed in the units for added functionality.

GBC, which offers quality print finishing solutions, has come up with yet other innovative solution with the introduction of Catena 35 laminators.

Ease of Use

  • The programmable preset keys store the commonly used temperature settings
  • The control panel is re-designed for ease of finding buttons when operating the unit
  • There are lightweight shafts and AutoGrip aluminum that eases the addition and removal of the film
  • With AutoSpeed you can be sure that you will get the best output since guesswork is eliminated from the process
  • There is an additional button at the back of the laminator to enable users to stop the unit as they view the output.

Quality Output, efficiency, and increased versatility

  • The laminator’s optional rewind kit enables you to use PSA films in cold applications. It also separates the release liner
  • You can adjust the temperature up to 302F degrees.
  • You can mount boards that are up to the size of a quarter of an inch
  • You can vary the speed of the roller from 1 inch to about 8.5 inches a minute
  • Its open design, as well as improved rollers,makes Catena 35 easy to use while giving a better quality of output.