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The NEW GBC Catena 65 Laminator

You can now laminate more and larger graphics with Catena 65 laminator.

GBC has brought into its helm the Catena 65 roll laminators designed for moderate lamination, encapsulation, and mounting tasks in instructions or businesses with moderate to a heavy workload.

The Catena 65 boasts of several features that make it flexible and a versatile solution and practical for today’s print finishing needs. It uses both the pressure sensitive and the heat sensitive lamination films. It can laminate up to A1 size. Therefore, it is ideal for large graphics.

The laminator is of a superior quality than most of the similar models in the market. Rather than the conventional coil, it has an infrared heating coil that distributes the heat evenly and helps improve the quality of the lamination. It is also fitted with the 8-bit microprocessor for temperature control, which enables faster response when you turn it on. This model overcomes the problem of hot spots in the system by use of a cooling fan. You are guaranteed smooth output that is also flat.

To enhance its ease of use, it comes with an LCD that indicates the speed, temperature and when it is ready for lamination. The control panel is user-friendly. Keys are well arranged and spaced for ease of making adjustments as required. When used with the LCD screen, you do not have to worry about putting the wrong setting for you can see the information on the screen. It also has silicone rubber rollers that enable easy and fast cleanup. The feed tray interlocks and has a magnetic safety shield to eliminate the risk of scalding or pressure when the laminator is operating.

new gbc catena 65 laminatorYou can adjust the roller gap to enable it to take mounting boards of up to 5mmm thick. It takes film gauges of up to 250 microns. It takes in some of the leading film brands such as Octiva® Lo-Melt, Octiva® Thermal, GBC® Hi-Tac Polyester and Arctic® Pressure Sensitive. There is a rewind roller feature that peels away the pressure-sensitive release liner from your graphics. Moreover, it has a compact shape that takes little space in the office.

Industry professionals have lauded The Catena 65 as a perfect combination of versatility, ease of use and the quality of production. The availability several adjustment features give more flexibility to business, which offers lamination and mounting services thereby increasing their customer reach.

GBC has been a leader in lamination and mounting industry with a number of cutting-edge laminators under its name. Catena 65 only promises to take lamination and mounting to the next level.