CreaseStream Auto-Feed

The CreaseStream Auto-Feed is a beast and the best of all the machines included in the CreaseStream Miniseries. Unlike the other two, the Auto Feed works exactly as the name suggests- it is automated, which means that the handle has been replaced with an automated motor, which makes it possible for businesses to handle output speeds of up to whopping 4,000 sheets every hour. If your business produces longer print runs than most, this is definitely the machine for you.

CreaseStream Auto-Feed Brochure

Auto-Feed Machine Technical Specifications: Minimum sheet size: 190mm x 120mm Maximum sheet size: 520mm x 520mm Machine dimensions: Length: 840mm Width: 780mm Height: 240mm Machine weight: 36kg Designed for table-top use Single speed: 33 metres per minute / 4,000 sheets per hour Electrical supply: AC/DC switching adaptor Input: 100-240V, AC 50-60Hz, 2.5A Output: 24V DC, 5.0A, 120W max. Belt-driven feed system Feed-tray complete with paper-size and measure