GBC Ultima 65 Roll Laminator (SKU 1712000)

Having always been a very popular choice for offices and education, the Ultima 65® laminator is now better than ever. With EZload® film technology, using the laminator is practically foolproof. The film rolls are very easy to load properly the first time round, which greatly reduces the chance of film wraps. The Ultima 65 is the perfect laminating solution for everything from photos and documents to posters.

GBC Ultima 65 Laminator Specifications

GBC Ultima Old vs New Overview

50% Faster Film Loading

  • Pivoting table and heat shield provide easier access when changing film, no need to remove the table
  • New Ultima 65 EZload® film rolls are easier to install and take the guess work out of how to put the film in
  • With Standard Film, AutoGrip shafts make it simpler to remove and add film

Foolproof Laminating

  • AutoSpeed ensures quality lamination and eliminates the guess work of which speed to use
  • Additional stop button on the back of the machine allows the user to view the output and to easily stop the machine
  • Easy to use one touch control panel with large Run, Stop and Reverse buttons gives the user perfect control of the machine
  • Removable shaft hooks on the back of the machine reduce the chances of common film wraps and provide storage for AutoGrip shafts