IDEAL 4810-95 Electric Guillotines

The IDEAL 4810-95 is a power guillotine which retains the manual clamp positioning of simpler machines to avoid unnecessary complexity.

A measuring wheel at the front table positions the back gauge according to the easy to read measuring scale. Side lays at the front ensure that the stack is positioned correctly, even for the smallest piles.

Solingen steel blade is made for durability. Cutting height adjustment and cutting stick replacement are from outside the guillotine. Comprehensive package of safety features prevent accidents.

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  • Power guillotine with manual spindle clamp
  • Electro-mechanical blade drive
  • Manual spindle clamp guided on both sides with large hand wheel
  • Spindle guided backguage with hand crank
  • Measuring scale (mm/inches), located on front table
  • Adjustable backguage with narrow separations and plastic gliders
  • Two side lays each on front and rear tables
  • High-Quality blade made from "Solingen steel"
  • Solid steel blade carrier
  • Adjustable blade guides
  • Solid all-metal construction
  • Complete with stand and storage shelf
  • Cutting length: 475 mm
  • Cutting height: 80 mm
  • Narrow cut: 30 mm
  • Table depth: 458 mm
  • Dimensions: 1360 x 755 x 970 mm