Plockmatic 104 SquareFold Booklet Makers

If there were any other product like the 104 SquareFold, it would be easier to define. In fact, this revolutionary device will change the way you look at booklet making forever. You will, at the speed of 1800 sets per hour, get that same perfect finish as a perfect bound (glue bound) book, but at a fraction of the price.

Enhance the appearance and value of your booklets with text printed on the spine making them have that magazine/book look. Faster, less expensive and without all the negative sides of glue binding.

No one can beat the size, speed and cost effectiveness of the SquareFold. And it is nice-looking too! Hand feeding – well of course! But as you can see here, thanks to it’s size it can easily be mounted on any Plockmatic trimmer forming the ultimate on-line booklet making system ever.

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  • Min booklet size: 100 x 120 mm
  • Max booklet size: 240 x 325 mm
  • Max booklets per hour: up to 1,800 sets/h
  • Dimensions: 329 x 405 x 560 mm