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SKU Description Category Units Floor-Price / Unit
X7703660 GBC P400 DOCUBIND ELECTRIC EU Comb binder 1 £224.60
XIB273308 IBICO HB28 BINDING SYSTEM Comb Closer 2 £391.02
XIB271717 GBC COMBBIND C800PRO BND EU CombBind 13 £538.69
XIB275814 GBC COMBBIND C800PRO BNDG MACH CombBind 2 £535.81
X7703330 GBC MAGNAPUNCH DIE 4:1GBC COIL MP1 Die set 2 £417.03
X7707060 GBC MAGNAPUNCH DIE 4:1GBC OVAL MP1 Die set 1 £508.76
X7707200 GBC MAGNAPUNCH DIE 2/4 HOLES MP1 Die set 6 £152.67
X7707240 GBC MAGNAPUNCH DIE SUREBIND MP1 Die set 1 £173.35
X4400730 MAGNAPUNCH 2.0 (UK/EU/CH) MP2 1 £1,560.00
X7704490 GBC MP2500 DIE 4:1 COIL MP2500 Die set 2 £148.74
X7704590 GBC MP2500 DIE 3:1 ROUND MP2500 Die set 2 £157.50
X1700320 GBC 3500 LAMINATOR A3 EU/UK Pouch Laminator 11 £465.00
X1700520 GBC 4500 LAMINATOR A2 EU/UK Pouch Laminator 3 £882.51
X1700320 GBC 3500 LAMINATOR A3 EU/UK Pouch Laminator 2 £465.00
X7708530 GBC PROCLICK PRONTO P2000 Proclick 4 £562.95
X4400103 GBC COMB PUNCH MACHINE EP28PRO Punch 1 £1,437.53
X7706020 MP2000 C4 MOD PUNCH 2000 UK Punch 2 £713.29
X7706060 GBC MP2000 W3 WIRE PUNCH Punch 3 £517.09
X7706120 MP2000 PB MOD PUNCH 2000 UK Punch 1 £542.53
X7705260 GBC SUREBIND SYSTEM 1 UK Punch & Bind 5 £460.35
X9780170 GBC VELOBIND SYS 3 PRO 230V EU Punch & Bind 3 £1,181.20
XIB275814 GBC COMBBIND C800PRO BNDG MACH Punch & Bind 1 £535.81
X1701640 GBC ULTIMA 35 EZ LOAD EU Roll Laminator 15 £190.50
X1710760 GBC ULTIMA 65 UK Roll Laminator 5 £907.50
X1715832 GBC CATENA 35 Roll Laminator 1 £900.00
X4400532 GBC PINNACLE 27 EZLOAD LAMR UK Roll Laminator 2 £566.72
X4400534  GBC PINNACLE 27 LAMINATOR UK Roll Laminator 1 £771.61
X9707050 GBC SUREBIND SYSTEM 1 230V Strip Bind 27 £466.23
X9707051 GBC SUREBIND SYSTEM 2 230V Strip Bind 22 £935.42
X9707101 GBC SUREBIND SYSTEM 3 PRO Strip Bind 3 £1,364.92
X9707051 GBC SUREBIND SYSTEM 2 230V StripBind 5 £935.42
X1770600 GBC MC12 MANUAL WIRE CLOSER Wire Closer 1 £90.00
X7301220 GBC MODULAR TL2900 WIRE CLOSER Wire Closer 1 £762.75
X7301220 GBC MODULAR TL2900 WIRE CLOSER Wire Closer 1 £750.00
X4400100 GBC WIREBIND KARO 40 PRO Wire Punch & Bind 1 £275.14
X4400101 GBC WIREBIND E KARO 40 PRO EU Wire Punch & Bind 1 £803.38
X4400106 GBC WIREBIND E KARO 40 PRO CH Wire Punch & Bind 2 £804.16

Benefits to buying refurbished office equipment

Surebind SYS3 refurbEach and every year companies get rid of perfectly good equipment through the company closing, relocating or just having a total overhaul. With more and more people recycling, their office and electrical equipment is now sold on allowing those that are looking for cheaper yet functional equipment another option. There are many advantages to buying refurbished office supplies whether to replace what you have currently, or to start up a new office altogether.

Better for the environment

GBC 4500 refurbBuying refurbished is not the same as just buying straight from the original person/office getting rid of their supplies. Instead you can rest safe in the knowledge that anything you purchase has been thoroughly tested to meet the standards you need for longevity, safety and of course aesthetically. When you want to update the equipment in your office, but are looking for a more environmentally friendly way to do it refurbished office equipment could be the answer. How many times have you walked past an office building and seen equipment that has a lot of life left in it, but has been shipped off the nearest landfill site?

Repaired to as new standard

Unwanted / discarded office equipment is collected from its original location and is fully serviced by our technicians to bring it up to scratch and sold on at a lower price than it would be to buy new. This helps the original owner get rid of the equipment they no longer need, stops landfills from getting filled with it and allows people looking for a bargain to benefit too. They can purchase everything from chairs, filing cabinets and safes to printers, binders, fax and laminating machines.

Cheaper upgrading

Ultima 35 Ezload RefurbOffice equipment is always changing, which can make it difficult to keep up with financially; buying refurbished supplies could allow you to upgrade higher than your finances would otherwise allow. This means you don’t have to make the choice of making do with what you have until you can afford new, you can instead compromise and have the features you need right now. Refurbished equipment is a great alternative if you can’t or don’t see the point in buying new.

No need to finance

If you can’t get, or prefer not to take out finance for office equipment, you will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality and affordability of buying refurbished. Once you pay for your items they will be yours right away, rather than being upgraded before the last purchase has been paid for.

Refurbished or used?

Surebind SYS2 ex demoThe main difference between buying used and refurbished is the thorough testing that a piece of equipment goes through. When you purchase used, you are generally buying sold as seen which can mean you run into problems further down the line. By purchasing refurbished you won’t have to worry about possible repairs soon after as they have already been undertaken.

Refurbished equipment is great for the majority of companies whether small home office or 50 plus employees milling around. Think of all the high tech offices out there and how fast they get through equipment? why not benefit from this and grab yourself a bargain today?